Our 7 Guiding Principles

  • #1 Confidentiality
  • #2 Self-Reflection
  • #3 Humility
  • #4 Appreciation
  • #5 Integrity
  • #6 Independence
  • #7 Enthusiasm

1. Confidentiality

We exercise absolute discretion and safeguard data and information entrusted to us under all circumstances. What we hear or see stays with us exclusively.

2. Self-Reflection

We presuppose the infinite value of every human being and are thus ever critical of ourselves and the methods we use. We would never think that we are right simply because we are experts.

3. Humility

We are aware of our limitations and acknowledge them. We are not good at everything.

4. Appreciation

We like people. We treat those who are entrusted to us with dignity and respect.

5. Integrity

We never use our knowledge to exercise power over people or organizations but only for our clients’ greater good.

6. Independence

We remember that there are no good or bad people. There are only suitable or not-so-suitable individuals. This is also true for our clients. That is why we reject assignments where we think we do not fit the bill or the client.

7. Enthusiasm

Whatever we do we do with passion. We never do anything half-heartedly but always with our full commitment. We are aware that we carry a large responsibility und we are determined to contribute as much as we can to the development of companies and the people therein.