Our Programs

  • Assessment Center
  • 360 Degree Programs
  • Potential Analysis
  • Management Audit
  • Staff Selection
  • Talent Identification
  • Structured Interviews
  • Personality Profiling

The Perfect Fit

Organizations that want to win in a global market must both define smart strategies and adapt quickly to change.This calls for a very specific kind of leader: agile, clear, innovative, change-savvy, courageous (»hard«), empathic, and inspiring (»soft«). Our psychology-based processes enable our clients to identify those multidimensional talents – especially those that have lied dormant or formerly went unnoticed. We, therefore, start at defining the constituents of the desired (leadership) culture with top management. Afterwards we rate managers or applicants against it while using psychometric testing (face-to-face or online).

Assessment Can Help

  • identify talents
  • build a strong leadership culture
  • harmonize organizations after M&A
  • catalyze change
  • decide whom to promote
  • decide whom to take on board
  • determine the quality of leadership
  • prepare solid feedback
  • define areas of development

»A great assessment does not only comprise excellent exercizes and tests. It also incorporates the professed values of an organization while it helps design the desired corporate culture. Key stakeholders are integrated into the process – preferably as observers. The assessed later evaluate their assessment and thus contribute to the further improvement of the process. All are important for success.«

Dr. Holger Schlageter