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Growth is Controlled Change

If you google »Change Management«, you will find hundreds of charts, thousands of tools and ten thousands of specialized providers. It seems that nothing is more complex than change – given all those experts out there.

We at Schlageter Institut do not believe that. We would deflate the hot air balloon. Change is very normal and happens quite constantly; in fact, while you read this your brain is changing. So change in itself is like breathing to us. The problem is that we sometimes struggle to control change and to make people embrace – or at least accept – a change they receive rather than initiate. The management of change requires proper knowledge, experience, and excellent people and communication skills.

Great change management must adapt structures and make sure that people are fully involved in very different ways. It often requires specialized professionals in order to capture all necessary elements of change, identify important structures, and persuade key individuals, lest anything crucial is overlooked or done wrongly. We are those professionals.

»If you want to prevail you need to change.«

Dr. Holger Schlageter