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The Mature Leader: SILC©

Global players have recognized that their top leaders must be mature personalities to succeed in today’s highly volatile markets. Besides expertise and experience, success factors are: business acumen, agility, innovative thinking, perseverance as well as the full range of social communication, political thinking, and an eye for smart strategy. Consequently, we have developed a unique comprehensive coaching concept that is highly efficient and achieves maximal sustainability while developing mature top leaders: SILC ©

SILC © stand for »Schlageter Institute Leadership Competence« and is individually tailored to the coachee’s identified areas of development. Depending on the diagnosed developmental needs the SILC © process takes three to twelve months. It includes personalized study of literature, constant guided self-reflection, monthly 4-hour coaching-training sessions, and close feedback loops between superior, HR representative, coach and coachee. Confidentiality is maintained throughout. The SILC © coaching process is optimally integrated into the corporate culture and all stakeholders are included. Thus, sustainable success is guaranteed.

»A great coach is first and foremost an excellent reader of tracks: He detects each detail, hears every undertone, sees minute changes, feels every emotion and knows how to interpret all this before the coachee does. With professional maieutics he brings the coachee to greater awareness. Only then does the coach enrich deducted behavior with his own experience.«

Dr. Holger Schlageter