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No Magic But Knowledge And Experience

Health is our greatest good. The degree of our personal health determines our performance as well as the actualization level of our potential and our skills. Executives, employees and companies should, therefore, be as healthy as possible – physically and mentally. According to the WHO, physical health is »a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.« Friedrich Nietzsche was less optimistic and called health »that degree of illness, which allows me to follow my main occupations.«

The psychologically healthy personality is characterized by functional self-awareness, realistic self-assurance and self-acceptance, conscious control of behavior, adequate perception of the environment, sustainable relationships, self-determination and productivity. We all know how susceptible this condition is to irritation – and how important its maintenance.

For companies, today, health management means increasing your attractiveness as an employer as well as dramatic cost savings by often drastically reducing failure rates or sick days. A sick employee can cost an employer easily up to 600 dollars per day – a leader up to ten times as much. Every day your employees are healthy is a win both for them and for the company.

We support you all the way to successful health management. We offer you access to a broad network of medical practitioners, physiotherapists, nutritionists, coaches, and psychotherapists. Or as we say: Quick access, instant treatment.

Our Health Programs Offer

  • Stronger psychological resilience
  • Greater Awareness (MBSR)
  • Burnout Prevention
  • Prophylaxis of psychological deseases
  • leadership training in detecting and treating early stress symptoms
  • help with psychologically challenged employees
  • Accompaniment of re-entry after longer breaks from work

»Health is more than the absence of disease: A healthy indivdual cherishes Self and Other.«

Dr. Holger Schlageter

Most common reasons for sick leaves 2014, Germany

Respiratory diseases
Musculoskeletal dysfunctions
Mental disorders